Air Duct Repair


Improve Air Flow With Expert Air Duct Repair Services In O’Fallon, IL

Properly installed, sized, and sealed ductwork systems are essential when it comes to having a high-performing HVAC system in your home or business. If your air ducts are leaky, damaged, poorly installed, or undersized, your system will struggle. This will make it hard for your home or business to feel comfortable. Also, this issue may cause your home’s indoor air quality to decrease. The good news is that our team at Heritage Heating & Cooling can help!

Our team of experienced ductwork installation professionals can determine the proper size and amount of ductwork that is needed for your home. We do this by using the Manual D calculation. After this, our team will install the new duct material which includes all hard and flex pipe ducts, registers, boots, and plenums.  Our technicians utilize duct mastic and high-quality mastic tape in order to make sure every connection point, boot, and register, is able to be leak-free. We then test to make sure that you do not have more than 4% of duct leakage. We also are able to remove damaged or old air duct insulation if needed.  No matter if you are needing a new installation or retrofit, our team performs all of the legwork and gets proper measurements to ensure that your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible.

Types Of Ductwork Repair

  • Furnace Ductwork Repair

    No matter if the metal ductwork that is coming from your furnace has corroded or the flex duct is damaged, we can help provide the best solution for your ductwork issue.

  • Air Conditioner Ductwork Repair

    If you are in need of flex duct repair, our team will give you high-quality repair services in order to make sure your system is working at its peak efficiency.

  • Crawl Space Ductwork

    Are there duct systems underneath your home? The air duct systems that are located in crawlspaces tend to be at higher risk of being damaged due to pests, moisture, and a variety of other factors. Our team can analyze your air ducts, diagnose any problems, and help direct you towards finding the best possible long-term solution.

  • Ductwork Insulation Repair

    Old insulation can begin to fail, especially when it is torn up, dirty, falling off of the duct, or flattened out. If you notice this happening to your home’s insulation, give our team a call and our technicians can remove and replace and insulation around your air ducts. Doing this also will help further reduce your energy losses.

Benefits Of Professional Ductwork Repairs & Installations

With Sealed, Clean, And Properly Sized Air Ducts, You Will Be Able To Finally Enjoy:

Lower Energy Bills

Undersized ducts and leaks cost you money. This is why having a properly repaired system allows you to save on your energy bill by preventing leaks from occurring.

Cleaner Air

Leaky air ducts can bring crawlspace or attic air into your home. Our ductwork services can ensure that your air is delivered conditioned and cleaned into your living spaces.

Better Indoor Comfort

Having quality ductwork can help ensure that air is properly distributed throughout your home and helps minimize the issue of uneven temperatures.